Why chewing is so important to our dogs !

Benefits of Chewing for Dogs

1.It’s a boredom and stress breaker— Boredom and stress or anxiety are often triggers for humans who bite their nails. It can be an unconscious response you don’t even notice until it’s too late to save your manicure. For dogs, chewing on anything available can serve a similar purpose. Dogs who are chronically under stimulated physically and/or mentally are likely to do more chewing than their well-exercised and therefore calmer, counterparts.

2.It’s good for teeth, gums and jaw muscles — Adult dogs chew to brush and floss their teeth, massage their gums, and work their powerful jaw muscles. Puppies and young dogs who are still teething often chew in an attempt to relieve itching or pain.

3.It can help your dog learn to spend time alone 

It’s satisfying –  There appears to be no better canine sedative than a bone to gnaw on.

Here the chewing products you can find in the shop.

Product Time it takes the dog to finish the it Link
Cartillage minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/cartilage_dried/
Pica days https://myhealthypet.org/product/pica/
Pig Tail minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/pig_tail/
Cow hoof days https://myhealthypet.org/product/cowhoovesdried/
Cow tail minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/dry_cow_tail/
Cow skin minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/cowskin/
Chicken feet minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/chickenfeetdry/
Windpipe minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/trachea-windpipe/
Soft bones hours https://myhealthypet.org/product/softbones/
Hard bones days https://myhealthypet.org/product/hardbones/
Bones with meat – Beef hours https://myhealthypet.org/product/bones-meat-beef/
Turkey throats minutes https://myhealthypet.org/product/turkey_troats/